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Meet The Team

Lee Kemp


Lee Kemp is one of the founders of Keep The Ban. Lee has a vast experience in campainging against animal abuse and is also an experienced advocate for human rights issues too.


Lee currently manages the website and facebook side of the campaign. He is also Keep The Ban's photographer and designer.

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h is one of the founders of Keep The Ban. Jon is a long time anti-hunting advocate. h's vast experience of anti-hunting and parliamentry lobbying has helped Keep The Ban get to where we are now.


h currently heads up our campaign cooridnation.

If you have idea's or want to help then please get in touch.

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Louisa Smith


Louisa is a vastly experienced activist and animal welfare advocate. Louisa has been vegan for many years and is greatly adepth with anti-hunting campaigning, as well as other animal advocasy groups.


Louisa currently holds the role of engagements officer.

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Jack Cunningham


Jack is a student activist who is a very keen anti-hunting advocate, Coming from the human rights sides of things, Jack brings a lot of creative and innovative ideas to help Keep The Ban lead the fight against the pro-hunting lobby.


Jack currently holds the role of Press Officer.

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We are always appealing for people to get involved with Keep The Ban Campaign. If you can devote some time to helping us we would love to hear from you too!


We're after people with experience in campaigning and in social media. If you feel you can help us why not drop us an email at [email protected]